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Guide for In-Person Sunday Services

Guide for In-Person Sunday Services

As a Consistory we have set these guidelines as we open church up to in-person services. Please be aware that these guidelines, along with our plans, are tentative and will be based on information as we receive it on a day-to-day basis. Please stay up to date via the bulletins and email announcements.


Entry into Church:

  1. Doors will open at 9:10 am, Ushers (Elders for this week) will arrive at 9 am
  2. Main doors for entry will be the front door and the north kitchen door. 
  3. If you have any symptoms please don’t enter. For example having a fever. 
  4. Hand sanitizer stations will be by the fellowship hall sanctuary doors.
  5. The fellowship hall sanctuary doors will have stations to deposit offerings. 
  6. There is blue tape on carpet as you enter the church marking 6 feet distance 


Regarding Seating: 

  1. We will be having elders ushering people to their seats.
  2. We will be seating people every two pews starting from the front and work back.
  3. We will be seating people from the center aisle. 
  4. Overflow will go into the fellowship hall.
  5. Back pews will be reserved for handicap and other individuals. 
  6. Balcony will be reserved for families with kids.


Regarding the Service:

  1. There will be no passing of plates. There will be no greeting time.
  2. When the service is over, please wait for Ushers to come dismiss you.
  3. For those who choose not to attend, we will still be live streaming the service on YouTube, Facebook and on the Radio on FM 89.1


Regarding Time at Church:

  1. No fellowship time; coffee and juice will not be served. 
  2. Areas are roped off to limit the space available to access.
  3. Be Respectful, Keep Distance, Practice Good Hygiene, Please Don’t Judge.
  4. Masks are optional, but encouraged for those with health concerns, Usher will have masks available. 
  5. Sanctuary will be deep cleaned once a week.
  6. An Usher will take a picture to record where everyone sits. This is in case someone from church gets Covid-19 we can track who was next to that person.

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