Building & Grounds Team

Buildings & Grounds

The Building & Grounds Team is tasked with assessing the current needs of the physical plant of the church and making recommendations for updating and/or adding to the existing structure. Additionally, the Building & Grounds Team is responsible for the summer yard maintenance including mowing and trimming.

Major events and tasks during the year include:

  • Sunday Morning Opening the Church Building
  • Snow Removal
  • Spring Clean up
  • Interior and Exterior Painting
  • Setting up and tearing down from weddings and funerals
  • Additional building space or renovations
  • Summer lawn mowing
  • Fall Clean up

Everyone is invited to offer their services to this Ministry Team when they feel they are able to contribute.  Email the Church office, , to get involved.  Please indicate the easiest way for us to contact you about your interest.

Contact the Church Office if you are interested in serving on any of our Ministry Teams. Please indicate which team you are interested in.

Meeting Times and Places
Ministry teams will meet generally three or four times annually. One in late summer before the fall schedule begins, then a second meeting during the fall. A third is scheduled early winter and finally once more after Easter.

The meetings are usually held on Sunday evenings and will last no more than an hour and a half. With all the team meetings at the same time and in the same place we can coordinate ministry opportunities together.