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Rethinking Social Distancing

We are now a couple of weeks away from when we celebrated Jesus’ Resurrection. At the time we celebrated Jesus’ death and suffering on the cross for us, and the promise of new life we have in his resurrection. I will admit that I found it to be such a blessing at the time in light of Covid-19, but as the time moves on I am trying to hold on to the promise of life we have in the resurrection, and not be overwhelmed by the death that threatens us during the time of Covid-19. This threat of death I believe has many names, like fear, selfishness, panic, pride, overindulging due to boredom, stress or lack of self control to name a few. While at times it may seem that these threats of death will overwhelm us, I am reminded that Jesus’ death on the cross provided us victory over death as we hear in 1 Corinthians 15:55-56. 


Lately I have been convicted by how my mindset was  being shaped by these threats of death rather than my savior Jesus. For example instead of practicing social distancing because the government told me to, I have been trying to think about it more from the perspective of how I can best love God and my neighbor as Jesus calls us to in Mark 12:30-31. 


Another perspective change that I have found helpful is that God is our refuge as we hear in Psalm 91:2.  Lately I have been confronted by how abnormal and disconnected things feel right now. It has made me think of times in the Bible when Israel wandered in the wilderness, or when Israel was sent into exile. In both instances there was much hardship and isolation, and at the same time they came to look to God as their refuge, or at the very least the provider of their future refuge. The key here is this is something they discovered while in the wilderness or in exile, because before those times they were captives in a foreign land or were lost doing whatever was good in their own eyes. 


My hope and prayer is that we know or we will come to know God as our refuge and strength, and that through Jesus he has/is/will save us. My hope and prayer for us today is that we may see God at work in our lives. While we might feel like we are at times overwhelmed by death, may we instead look at this time through the eyes of John 15:1-2 where God desires for us to bear more fruit and by him pruning us we will be able to. So may we abide and rest in God now, so that whenever things settle down, or when opportunities arise, we will be ready to bear much fruit for God’s kingdom.

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